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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Secondhand Spirits: A Witchcraft Mystery, Book 1 by Juliet Blackwell

SecondHand Spirits

BOOK REVIEW: Secondhand Spirits

A Witchcraft Mystery, Book 1

by Juliet Blackwell

"Give the book at Least a Hour Before You Give Up"

Agree with other reviewers the book starts off slow, but since it is a series I listened all the way. You don't get addicted or find a hook in this book until almost the end of the book. I wonder if the rest of the series follows from the first so if you get past this one, you will already have the gist and plenty more books to entertain you for hours. The narrator has a definite accent but since the main character has one too I suppose it's suppose to fit.

secondhand spirits This book is about vintage clothing, witches, goblins, death and mystery. Murder intrigue is full of suspicion. I kept waiting for more of a love story to unfold but I suppose for some people that will be a plus. I do love her descriptions of fashion, I am pulled right into that and almost wish I could see the designs Juliet Blackwell describes.




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Secondhand Spirits: A Witchcraft Mystery, Book 1


by Juliet Blackwell

Narrated by Xe Sands

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Reviewed: 9/9/13

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