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Sunday, January 25, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Storm Glass UNABRIDGED by Maria V. Snyder

Book Review Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder"Love the Author, Confused by the Narrator Switch"


Keep in mind, I have over 250 books in my audible library alone. I have listened and read many more books than that. So I am comparing this author, story, and narrator to EVERYTHING in my past experience.

The narrator is above average. I wouldn't award her a prize for this reading, but I would recommend her to you. She has become one of my favorite narrators.

The story is engaging. It could have gone further, but was well written. Maria is an engaging author. By the end of the story, you may even want to look up the author and narrator to see similar books they have produced.

Narrator Review:

Let me start off by saying I love Maria V. Snyder. That being said, she should always be paired up with Gabra Zachman. That women is narration genius, she could make your work notes sound interesting. I think Maria's other series, Soulfinders, is why this book has gotten so many mixed reviews. It uses Gabra Zachman, but more about that in the next paragraph.

Jennifer is not a bad narrator, she is just competing in this case with a better narrator. She sounds a bit child-like which is probably fitting for this character. There is not enough inflection in her voice, but overall she is a good narrator and my star rating reflects that. The captured my attention enough to get me from the beginning to the end of this book.

Series Review & A Book You Should Read Before this One:

Storm Glass is a follow up to Poison Study, you should start with that book. This is important so I will be repetitive: READ POISON STUDY FIRST! You do not *need* to read both series, but poison study is significantly more interesting. It is also where the main character, Opal Cowen, is first introduced to us. The story lines are a complete split. So if you read one series and then the other, you will not ruin anything for yourself, but I'm telling you to read the other book first for three reasons: 1. So you don't think both series suck and give up. 2. Maria spends significantly more time diving into the world of her characters, describing scenery, and introducing you to the nuisances of this particular magical world in the Poison Study series but not In the Glass series. 3. Gabra is a better narrator than Jennifer Dyck.

Or maybe it is better to read this series first, that way you will be dazzled by the next? Either way don't judge the other series based off this one. Definitely read the Souldfinders series.

Story Review:

This story is a mixture love triangle (which is never truly explored), a magical tale, but primarily it is a muder-mystery-adventure. So it has a little bit of everything for everyone, but the only genres that are explored in-depth are the adventure & magic. So if you loved Magic Study, this book has a similar plot line.

I started reading this series after Amelia Peabody and the Parasol Protectorate so the suspense and questioning of who's who was not described, dramatized, or drawn out enough for me.

Read or Not to read, that is the Question:

So now based off my description I bet you are wondering why I gave it four stars; I was admittedly overly pessimistic to under promise and over deliver.

My final recommendation is to read the book. It IS worth the credit.

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Storm Glass

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