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Thursday, January 29, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Endless Knight UNABRIDGED by Kresley Cole

"You will be surprised who you love & who you hate."
  • Overall
    The ending makes me sad. Full of unanswered questions but too many assumptions. It's interesting and odd the turns the story takes in this section of the series. I'm at once riveted by the love story (very pg 13) and saddened by choices made. The story lets loose some of its edginess, and deftly turns into a triangle of sorts.
    The first book in the series, "poison princess" had a Texas chain saw massacre meets zombie apocalypse with a touch of shady back country southern swagger. This book starts to feel more mystical and dreamy. The setting is lighter but the characters are still dark. Blackened by a nature they struggle to fight. The book delves deeper into the poison princesses thoughts and past lives even briefly mentioning the Greek gods roles in arcana history. This book is a unique twist to a second book in a series. While the characters are somewhat dependent on the first book the story is uniquely it's own in the second. So you will not feel like the book is dragging on or too repetitive. Can't wait for more of this suspenseful love luster.

    You will be surprised which characters you begin to love in this book and hate.

    -- Surprised

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Endless Knight
by Kresley Cole
Narrated by Emma Galvin
Goodreads Shelfari AUDIBLE
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