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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Iron Daughter: The Iron Fey, Book 2 | [by: Julie Kagawa]

"Technically book 3. Another great Read. Onward!"

If you like these books I recommend reading my review of book 1, for more references to similar books that might interest you.

I say this is book three because the author has half versions, or mini books to give you an update between books. It's kind of a cheap ploy to make more money, but they are all worth reading, plus if you get them during an audible discount period they will only cost you $2/each. Just buy them that way and get the books over $10 using your credits.

In this book Megan starts to come into her own and really starts to understand herself, her prince, and the other fey better just as everything begins to unravel around her. Her family plays a minimal role in this story, her lost memories come into play here too. This book ties in everything you needed to know from book one (so don't try to skip to this book), while bring up it's own new story, characters, and expanding on what you already love about the series.

Also forgot to mention this in my first review, but I enjoy this narrator. Khristine Hvam has a sweet voice and doesn't try to sound like a man but instead lets the story speak for itself in your mind. I love books with dual narrators that tell the story like a movie with the pictures only in your imagination, but also can equally get into books with a good narrator who just reads with inflection rather than pretending to be every character. That is Khristine Hvam, a good story teller without trying to take over the characters. The only down play I will say is that the producer should have edited out random parts where you hear her breathe in quick, sometimes she does things that pull you into the story but sometimes it's just her catching her breathe at the end of a long paragraph and it could be removed. Regardless great narration.

If you like book one, continue onward!

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