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By: DesaraeV

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Review of John Boykin's article, Stop Helping Me Google Calendar AutoSuggest #WTFUX

In John Boykin's article, Stop Helping Me Google Calendar AutoSuggest #WTFUX, published by, he states unequivocally that Google Autosuggest is a ridiculous tool to include in Google Calendar. His assessment appears to be an opinion piece based on personal preference and emotion. Luckily for the rest of us, Boykin does not work for Google and is only one very prolific stakeholder with an extensive online following. I disagree with Boykin's statements, but his article makes an excellent example of informal evaluation in the summative phase of assessment. The language used in this artifact is written for a broad audience, likely meant to provoke emotion and drama so that readers will comment and would not be considered an academic or facts-based article.

Evaluating a Product Based on Kirkpatrick's Training Evaluation Model

This model is not meant for evaluating anything other than education/training. I could see how a product could include the four levels. I'll write an example of how I see that it could be implemented, but would also love to see how you thought they could be implemented.