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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Book Review Of Triton Anna Banks

  • "Combing old world kingdoms with modern sensibility"

    Over halfway through the story you will become hooked. I say halfway because that is about how long it takes before I got used to the characters and fell in love with the romantic YA tale of the deep.

    This is a Triton + Poseidon modern kingdom tale of mermaids known as the Salina. It's a story of love, family, betrayal, survival, and togetherness.

    The narrator's voice is so breathy, not from breathing hard, but a sound like someone who just finished kissing. It's deeper than 1950s actresses but has the same heady quality, like she is trying to seduce you. It's confusing when the character point of view switches back and forth between Emma and her mother, there is no transition.

    The narrator is not distracting and moves the story along well. Her voice is child-like and fast paced. She makes a confusing story easier to listen.

    Wow this book really throws you right in the middle of everything. She tries to unwind the entire story in the first five minutes with little time to settle into the characters or scene. Everyone seems to just be rapid fire introduced during a flash back. Chaos. Confusion.

    I will reread this book. Now that I know the background and have been through it once .. It's more familiar and love able. Worth the credit. Enjoyed the narration.

    This review was written while reading. I stopped at various parts of the book to note my thoughts.

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