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Monday, February 2, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Forbidden by Nicola Cornick

"Enticing Writing. Mystery. Love. Luster. Wicked."


This is a love story. A Cinderella story; minus all the wicked step sisters and wicked step mother. Finding your lost self, your lost love, discovery and loss. This tragic tale is mostly loveable, happy, and gives you thoughts of grandeur.

I thoroughly enjoyed the narrator and the story. If you like accents you will enjoy listening to Mandy Williams. This is one of those books that I kept listening to at every waking moment, any time I could find a free moment.

Favorite Books Best of Books Award by DesaraeV

Books to checkout if you liked this one: The Countess (a sexy love story), The Commitment (not yet on audible and kinkier than forbidden), 50 shades of Gray *this book is a little darker than forbidden, The selection (more of a princess tale), The husband hunt (an old world tale of love, mystery, and commitments).

This is more of a era theme story, like pride and prejudice. It's not a fantasy sci-fi tale. Everything could easily have happened. It is set back in a time where the rich lived a very high life of beauty and grace; with little time for much else. The poor lived a very very poor life of dirt, mud, and hard work.The story has a romantic setting of old world glamour with a light undertone of something dark that once happened that has to be found out and overcome.

LOVED this story, would recommend you read/listen to it. I disagree with other reviewers who say this would be better in print. I enjoyed it as is.

Very sexy. Not a Young Adult story or teen, definitely an adult bodice ripper sort of tale (although those scenes are short and few; most of the book is a lot of kissing and lusting).



by Nicola Cornick

Narrated by Mandy Williams

Reviewed: 11/26/13

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