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Sunday, February 8, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: 50 Shades of Grey or a Review of Opinionated Assholes with Fake Opinions

Book Review Fifty Shades of Grey


The only articles I've seen, so far, regarding 50 Shades of grey (especially the ones reposted by friends) are people hating a book on principal. People who have NEVER read a single page of the book and think it's all about Christian beating up his girlfriend/lover (it's not). It's BDSM, yes.

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What's it about then? (No spoilers)

How Sexy is it... Really?

The book is primarily about a couple falling in love and healing. The sexy scenes are not, in my opinion, as wild as most people imply (he's does spank her that one time and she hates it, but he doesn't beat her and it's consensual). Okay, they are wild and far more than my experiences, but frankly even if it was "vanilla" people would piss and moan.

So why hate 50 Shades of Grey?

What are the 50 Shades of Grey Protests about?

Too many people trying to be righteous and indignant. The rest are just trying to have an opinion. Do not come to me hating other women for any reason. Do not come to me hating a book you've never read. You are not allowed to have an opinion on a book, product, service, or movie unless you've tried it for yourself. A friend of a friend told you it sucks makes you a sheep without a brain or an opinion worth listening to.

If you have read the books (and made it through all three) and still hate it, okay then let's chat. 

Good luck to everyone picketing the movie theatre, I almost want to go to the movie twice to protest your protest. Why? Because I've had no less than 10 women tell me they hate the books, but also admit that they never read them.

My Review of 50 Shades of Grey

I enjoyed the books. They are adult books, obviously. I have friends who hate the narrator on Audible, but I thought she was sweet. It's an adventure love story with a dark past. Together the couple works to heal old wounds, so it's a positive story about growth and endurance. They talk extremely openly and explicitly throughout all three books, but in some ways you get to know Anastasia as naive and Christian as a dark handsome pragmatist. They are so honest and so revealing about their thoughts, feelings, wants, desires, and the author describes the sex scenes in extensive detail - this is why most (shall we say conservative-in-your-face-types) hate the books.

More on this series later, when I have more time.

Laters, baby.


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  1. Holly Beth Is it really possible to be "too sexy?"
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    Desarae Veit Read the article lol
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    Holly Beth But is it really necessary to even read? Lol with a title like that! I will started to and got distracted!
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    Holly Beth Okay so it basically said what I thought it would. I'm not surprised however,, because the article was written by a woman. Violence and sex have never gone hand in hand to me. I wonder if this was written also with the Fifty Shades of Grey in mind and ...See More
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    Holly Beth Sorry the VS article is the article I think the article is largely based on her opinion. The Journelle article I gotta find for you.
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    Desarae Veit lol
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    Desarae Veit How much of the article did you read? I must have missed the "fifty shades of grey" reference. Especially since the article was originally written in 2010 as a way to study cognitive thinking, or how we think about beauty and less about forcing a singl...See More
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    Desarae Veit Greg Veit
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    Holly Beth Oh no I meant it's odd with all the controversy going on about 50 Shades of Grey! I'm a fast reader, and yes I read the entire article. It was redundant to say the least!
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    Holly Beth [...] to say the least!
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    Desarae Veit

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    Holly Beth Okay I'm so sorry..... Ugh idiot here
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