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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Duck by Any Other Name

Let’s call a duck a duck, okay? By duck I mean spammer. If you spam me via email, Twitter, Facebook, direct mail or any other medium don’t be upset when I do my darnedest to block you from my community, my world, my time. I get it, spammers are people too, but you and I get to choose which people we associate with don’t we. That doesn’t mean I’m condoning being an asshole to people, but in a way I am. If you spam me I will block you. If you mass spam me and I will probably snarkily comment about it and then block you. Let’s call it my own personal primal instinct. So, when you randomly message me and 20 of your closest strangers, whom you’ve never met, and ask me to follow you on Twitter and I ask you why I should follow you if the majority of your tweets are asking other people to follow you en mass, don’t be mad at me when I directly ask you why I should follow you. It’s a valid comment, a simple question and I think it’s a fair one. What would you bring to my world when the last 20 things I see when I skim through your Twitter life appear spammy? You can respond calling me an asshole, but really who does that reflect on, me or you? I stand by my comment and I frankly don’t think I was much of an arse to this person (yes, this really happened). If you randomly found me and want to offer me something of value, like a question, a comment on my blog, actually read one of my tweets and reply to it and then ask me to follow that’s one thing, but it’s clearly another to follow 20 people and retweet their blog posts and then ask me to do follow you just because. I’m not that picky in who I follow, clearly, all I ask for is authenticity and I’ll be damned if I’ll apologize for asking someone why I should follow you. It’s not a snarky question, it’s not rude, it may be aloof but at least it’s not spammy. Happy Spamming. If you quack like a duck, act like a duck but call yourself a horse makes no difference when I say I hate ducks.

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